Custom Angus Beef

Double C Farms custom Angus beef is our newest farming endeavor. We are excited about the response and feedback we are getting. We only use 100% Angus cattle in our beef program. Our bulls are culled at yearling for various reasons. The reasons they are culled has nothing to do with beef quality or health issues its simply the fact not every male animal will not make a quality herd sire. Be assured that because we slaughter culled animals you are not getting a second quality product this is top grade grain fed angus beef. Our calves are usually slaughtered at 1300 pounds live weight and return 30 to 40% packaged beef (this is dependant on your preference in processing and cuts). Please keep in mind this is a seasonal business we try to keep meat on hand at all times but we could be out at certain times. We ask that you fill out our contact us form so we can contact you and get you on the list for beef. We try to have our beef spoken for when we put the extra input and feed cost into them. Your cooperation and patience will help us keep cost down and allow us to sell you a quality product at a competitive price.

Price list

This is current 2018 prices but are subject to change with market fluctuations.

We offer whole, half, and quarter sides of beef priced at $1.75/lb live weight.

100% Angus

Cube Steak - $8/lb
Skirt Steak - $8/lb

100% Angus Steak

Filet - $22/lb
TBone - $19/lb
Ribeye - $20/lb
Sirloin Filet - $15/lb

100% Angus Roast

Sirloin Roast - $10/lb
Round, Shoulder, and Chuck Roast - $8/lb

100% Angus Ground Beef

1lb Packages - $6.50
¼lb Patties 4/Pack - $8.00

100% Angus Beef Box 1

Two Steaks (Ribeye, Sirloin Filet, or New York Strip)
10 lbs Ground Beef - $110.00

100% Angus Beef Box 2

One 3 lb Roast
5 lbs Ground Beef
5 lbs Beef Tips - $110.00


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